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Wetting Agent

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Wetting Agent

A Wetting Agent and Spreading Agent is a chemical compound that reduces the surface tension of a liquid. The surface tension of a liquid is the tendency of the molecules of a liquid to bond together and is determined by the strength of the bonds between the liquid’s molecules. A Wetting Agent/Spreading Agent stretches these bonds and decreases the tendency of molecules to hold together, which allows the liquid to spread more easily across any solid surface. Surfactants Substances which have a tendency to concentrate at the surface or interface are called surface active agents. They can have a number of effects on the nature of the surface.

A surfactant will lessen the surface tension thus allowing the algaecide and herbicide to go beneath the surface.

Weakens hydrogen bonds enabling treatment beneath surface helps to kill algae and other unwanted aquatic plants Treats floating, emerged weeds, and surface algae. Nonionic Surfactant (MD-80) is the most commonly used surfactants for the horticulture industry. When used properly, they are useful for plants, keep plant stable, and do a good job of breaking water surface tension.



  • Silidrop Packing is 20ml & 50ml
  • MD 80 is 1litre, 500ml & 200ml
  • Pestic is 1litre, 500ml & 250ml

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