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Potassium Humate Powder

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Potassium Humate Powder

Potassium Humate Soluble Powder is the Potassium salt of Humic Acid made from high grade Leonardite, which is not only a more readily available potassium fertilizer but also has all benefits from Humic Acid both to soil and to plant, such as soil conditioning, nutrients uptake improving etc. In addition, it has wider applications from soil application, seed soaking, root soaking to fertigation due to highly water soluble.

The Potassium Humate Powder produced by our company is 100% water soluble with 75% Potassium Humate and powdered form Fulvic Acid 15%. It is thick concentrate of Humic substance that contains Humic and Fulvic Acids. Good quality Leodranite and various biologically active trace elements as humic & fulvic acid complexes are used. One of the key components present in soil is Fulvic Acid that cuts down the metal ions and as it has ability to dissolve soil minerals. Our product enhances the availability of nutrition and metal Fulvic complexes that are proficient in entering plant cells. Our product not only reduces nutrient loss but also improves it from root system. It promotes the root development and improves the structure of the soil. The prescribed dosage of this product is 2 gram/10 liter that can also be diluted as 15% and repacked in bottle.


  • Nutritionally, as a good fertilizer enhancer, sharply increase the utilization efficiency of plant to potassium exists in itself and in soil, as well as to nitrogen, phosphorous and other mineral fertilizers in soil
  • Physically, as soil conditioner, promote good soil structure formation, increase the capacities of water holding and cation exchange and improve aeration condition. Besides, these benefits will be further helpful for plants to resist drought stress
  • Chemically, as chelating and buffering agents, respectively helps retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers, preventing them from leaching, and protect plants from drastic change in pH
  • Biologically, as food sources, establish a desirable environment for microorganism development
  • Stimulate seed germination and viability, and root respiration, formation and growth. Thus, increase crops yield and quality.

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