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To improve agriculture system , the soil has lost its fertility due to overuses of chemical fertilizers. The Indian farmers has a trend that the use of more fertilizers give more yield. But they do not know about the fertility loss and financial loses because of these chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Thus was born M.D.Biocoals. The mainstay of a successful crop being in the good fertility capacity of the soil. M.D.Biocoals aimed at providing high quality crop to the farmer community at reasonable prices. M.D.Biocoals aim has also been to convince the farmers about the beneficial use of high yielding quality of crop with out losses the fertility capacity the soil.

Our Company is making and selling the bio/organic products. We serve farmers to improve the hard effects of chemicals and pesticides. We encourage farmers to grow quality foods (food grains, fruits and vegetables) to save the nature. We have tried to grow quality crops for export.

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